Trail Essentials

TPOR Girls, Nikki, Diana, Skya, Jackie
Meet the girls who make us look good! Our ladies of Twin Peaks are dedicated to the hard core 4x4 way of life! Look for them at out next race and on our 2019 calendar!
Raceline Beadlocks, Trail Gear Beadlocks
Its that time of year when big tires rule the backwoods and maximum traction is the name of the game. This year we bolted our new Super Swamper Boggers to our first set of Raceline Beadlocks. Our 38" Boggers have traction similar to that of a tractor tire so we knew it would require a tough and easy to install wheel to make the combination work well for us.
Yukon Gear, Authorized Yukon Gear dealer, Duragrip, Gear set ups
This month Twin Peaks Off Road welcomes Yukon Gear and Axle to our all star line of of hardcore 4x4 parts. We also have USA Standard Gears and the entire lineup of Yukon Gear on our website available for drop ship daily! We stock Yukon gear lockers, ring and pinions, and differential rebuild kits in Roseburg at our retail location . Feel free to stop by or call us today.