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Summer or Winter!

It's that time of year when big tires rule the backwoods and maximum traction is the name of the game. This year we bolted our new Super Swamper Boggers to our first set of Raceline Beadlocks. Our 38" Boggers have traction similar to that of a tractor tire so we knew it would require a tough and easy to install wheel to make the combination work well for us. This is our first year for being a distributor for the Raceline Beadlocks and they certainly seem to be something we will sell a lot of in the future. Our set is a 5-5.5 lug pattern with a 3.75" backspace. The combination works great on our spring over 1991 YJ. Don't kid yourself, you will want to be running big axles and lots of tough parts to run these giant Super swampers at a low PSI. We like to run 4 psi in the snow and about 8 psi in the mud. So far our Racelines seem to be holding up great! We have run Trail Gear beadlocks with great success in the past and to compare the two brands is a very tough task. Both have their own advantage in certain conditions, but one thing they have in common is this....having beadlocks is better than not having beadlocks! Come by and see us today or call us for a price on your set of beadlocks!

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