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6 Essentials for Off Roading in the Winter

From the gang at Twin Peaks Offroad

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Are you the guy (or gal) who wants to enjoy offroading during beautiful snowy winters?

If yes, then are you prepared to meet the snow, ice, rough terrain? Every season comes with its challenges, and winter is no exception. The snow can make 4-wheeling fun, but it can also be dangerous for the best of drivers, so here are few things you should know to be safe and return home in one piece.

Just because you have a 4x4 Jeep doesn't mean that it is fit for all seasons. The standard equipment is just standard. Lack the right gear and you may need to walk miles in very cold temperatures to get help. Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Invest in a good winch

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A rule of thumb: always buy a winch that has rated pulling strength 1-1/2 the weight of your vehicle, or larger depending on your usage. For most Jeeps and smaller SUV’s an 8000 to 9500lb capacity winch will do the job. Our Smittybilt XRC9500 is an excellent winch that is light weight, fast, waterproof and tough. The Smittybilt 9500 Winch Kit gives you everything you need: One SB - XRC 9,500lbs winch, One pair XRC Trail Gloves, Two 3/4 inch black D-ring shackles, One 2 inch x 20 foot 20,000 lb tow strap. Sold as A Kit.

2. Have adequate recovery straps

If you get stuck, get out and look for solid anchor points such as large rocks or trees that are big enough to handle the weight without damaging the tree or dislodging the rock. For a rock or tree, use a Use a Recovery Strap or Tree Saver for your anchor point to avoid damage to your winch line and/or the tree being used.

Use that is at least 20 feet long, that will be good enough to pull yourself out. Attach them to your winch line using anchor shackles, and this helps the straps to stretch and not tear as the vehicle begins to move forward. Check out our line of recovery components and shackles.

3. Extra lighting for night trips

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The winter scenery can be beautiful, but be sure to plan and be prepared for unexpected events, especially after dark. You should have extra lighting on your Jeep along with your safety gear. Our line of Rough Country LED lights will help you get out there in the dark and see your way back!

Many different styles and mounting types available.

Lighting for all types of foul weather driving is important so make you adventure safe and fun. We at Twin Peaks Off-road can guide you through the choices to help you find the best fit for your Jeep that also fits you budget. From Baja Design to Rough Country, we have the lights you need.

4. Cargo restraints and cages

Offroading is a fun sport, but it can be dangerous. Make sure your gear is tied down and will safely ride even in the event of a roll over or minor crash. Twin Peaks carries the latest in roll cage kits and cargo tie downs for your jeep modifications.

5. Suspension Lifts

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Probably the most desired change to any 4x4 is the suspension. Whether it be leaf springs of coil springs, suspension lift is important. Running in deep snow with good tire flotation still requires a larger tire for the best performance.

We have the Lift Kits you need to do just that. Brands like Rough Country and Rubicon express are our staple brands. We carry many other brands of Lift Kits as well. Call us for your preference and we will help guide you to a decision that will make your 4x4 a stand out rig.

6. Carry Emergency Equipment

Last but not least, various miscellaneous items are important as well. Invest in traction boards to avoid slipping, d-rings, puncture plug kit, a shovel and a bag for litter. We carry all of these at You’ll also want to wear our Twin Peaks tough hoodie available at our store. These are very high quality, heavy and well-made black Hoodies with the Twin Peaks Off Road Logo on the back. For men or women.

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